specializing in wood buttons

Favour Valley Woodworking is committed to low impact sustainable manufacturing practices

We at Favour Valley love the landscape and are inspired by the nature around us every day. Manufacturing a product, even on a tiny scale, does have environmental impacts.  Our commitment is to minimize those impacts to the greatest extent possible.  We gather as much of our raw materials as possible right here in Favour Valley, we source other materials such as lumber locally, and we avoid toxic products including conventional finishes.  Beyond ingredients, we also strive to minimize the impacts of our processes.  As part of this effort we are experimenting with small scale simple hydro power to replace some of our electricity usage.  

This experimental water wheel has been running for almost a year tumbling buttons smooth by continuously rotating sandpaper lined drums in which the buttons tumble.  The wheel is clunky and heavy but rotates at 8 to 12 revolutions per minute on about 5 feet of head and less than 20,000 gallons of water per day.  The water is captured 100 feet upstream in two pipes, flows over the wheel and then returns to the stream unaltered.  The next generation wheel will be lighter and smaller and will hopefully turn more 
rapidly!  Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how to keep our New England winters from freezing the stream solid so for a few months of the year we are forced to resort to electrical power to turn our tumbler.  

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