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Wood and Antler Buttons

Favour Valley Woodworking has resurrected the traditional art of making buttons from locally available materials.  Our buttons are made from local wood and antler, much of it found right here in Favour Valley.  They are shaped and smoothed to slide easily through a button hole and are treated with natural tung oil to stand up to modern washing machines and dry cleaning processes.  
Wood buttons are round or rectangular, oblong or "teapot" shaped and come in small, medium, large sizes as well as extra large decorative styles.  Antlers are made into sliced buttons or antler tip toggles.

Button Details

Buttons are cut, polished on both flat surfaces, tumbled to smooth the edges and then the wood ones are soaked in a matte tung oil finish.  Once dry the holes are drilled and the buttons are sorted by size and type.  Generally they are sold on cards of six matching buttons.  Large or specialty buttons are sold individually.

Button Care
: Our wood buttons can be hand washed and air dried!  If the surface loses it's sheen over time a little furniture polish or bees wax and oil mixture will refresh the bright colors.

In medium and large buttons holes are sized to accommodate thicker yarns up to a heavy worsted weight but a heavy button hole, hand quilting or crochet thread also works well.  Smaller buttons have holes large enough for fingering yarn or thread.  By special request holes on larger buttons can be sized for bulky yarn, cordage or leather laces. 

Button Sales:  Most of our buttons are sold wholesale to yarn and fiber arts shops located all across the country and in Canada and Japan. Check out the "RETAIL SALES" page for a growing list of shops and online stores that carry our buttons!

We love special orders: see the "contact us" page for details on how to reach us!
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